9/11 Narrative Report

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Dear friends, dear listeners, dear parents, dear children and most important of all, dear audience who is gathering today, this evening 1 week after 9/11 attack. One week after the most terrifying, insane and most inhumanely terror attack ever seen in our History. We are all gathering praying for the innocent people who tragically lost their lives. Many of us lost a part of our heart, a part that belongs to the innocent who is no longer here. Hopefully they will end up a way better and beautiful place than here, let us pray for that. Finally finish they got what they want. A Nation full of tears and with damage hopes for the future. Will this never end peacefully? But why do I stand here, this day holding a speech for you? Why do I see …show more content…

In that terrifying moment I was in school talking with my best girlfriends and not knowing about what was happening just 27 miles away. I was happy and screamed out loud of pure laughter with my mates. But suddenly my phone rang; it was from the local hospital MatrixBpS. I remember a woman named Alice she was talking to me. She was an amazing policewoman who said the saddest, terrifying and unexpected sentence, which I could ever imagine someone to say. She said “it”, and I was lost, I was angry, I was devastated, I was confused but most of all, in seconds I felt lonely in this world. My closest family-members were dead. They were dead and I stood lonely and frighteningly unaware of what was going to happen now on. Everything I loved the most was ripped out of my hands and even though I am a young and mature adult I needed my parents and my little Kimberly more than anything in world. I was angry and disappointed of being an American under attack. I do not know why, I just felt like that. Maybe I thought it was because of being a citizen who is living in such a big Nation where everything will and can happen, just …show more content…

We have to be strong all of us, make it through this air of sadness, lost and damaged hopes for the future. – We have to rebuild it. At this moment, more than 2600 people are dead and around 5000 people injured. A massive number if you ask me. People have in some way lost their child, parent, good friend or something else. So what do we do now? What do we do together, so we at least can make this through as a Nation? We are all in the same boat so what do we do? I am not an expert in this, but I know that we as a Nation can’t lose our pride and everything between. We can’t give up and especially not now. The never forgotten “I have a dream” – sentence of Martin Luther King himself. This quote, sentence phrase and call it what ever you prefer lies deep in my mind. By comparison to exactly this sentence I have a dream as well. I have a dream that we as a Nation will stand together and fight against terror. I have a dream that no matter what will happen, we will stand together and fight against anything

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