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The 9/11 Truth Movement is a social movement that aims to expose the lies and cover-ups surrounding the events of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. The members of this group, which include people from all professions, races, and socio-economic levels, wish to promote investigations and research regarding these attacks, seek justice for those hurt or killed on September 11th due to these events, advance the knowledge the American population has on this subject, and eventually replace the United States government system that orchestrated these events ("Our Mission"). Individuals involved in this movement believe these events were orchestrated by the US government “to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which …show more content…

American citizens who doubted the truthfulness of the US government’s explanation of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 began to openly question and investigate the events. By September 2003, the movement had gained enough support to draw thousands of participants to attend research conferences in cities around the world, including New York City, Berlin, London, and Toronto, that provided a place for open discussion and the presentation of evidence regarding the truth behind 9/11. The formal organization for the 9/11 Truth Movement was officially founded in March 2004 after a conference in San Francisco. The members at this conference decided that a national campaign for 9/11 truth should be conducted, regardless of the effects the truth might have when it is disclosed fully. Thus, the 9/11 truth movement and related websites and organization were formed ("About …show more content…

To openly identify as a Truther, one must be prepared to be labeled as a conspiracy theorist, crazy, and ultimately anti-American in some cases. It is often assumed that members of this movement hold conspiracy theories about other aspects of life, but that is simply not true for the most part. Many of the members only question the events of 9/11 and no other events in American history. There are a variety of opinions within the 9/11 Truth Movement ranging from the government had knowledge that the attacks were going to happen but did nothing to stop them, to the government planned and carried out these and many other attacks on their own citizens. Members of this movement wish for full disclosure from the government regarding what happened on September 11th and feel that the only way they will ever receive this is by putting the necessary pressure on the nation’s

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