Inigo's Growth In The Princess Bride By William Goldman

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In the fantasy novel The Princess Bride, by William Goldman, the character Inigo works fast, is kind to the princess, and is aware of his surroundings. Inigo shows being fast by being able to carry the princess quickly onto the Turk. Inigo is fast because he can move people around quickly. While Inigo and his team is kidnapping the princess, Inigo shows this trait, “The Spaniard [Inigo] lifts Buttercup and draped her body around the Turk…tied himself to the Turk’s waist.” (112) This shows that Inigo works fast, he always tries his best to work quickly. By being able to tie himself and the princess to the Turk without being caught, Inigo shows speediness. Secondly, Inigo shows kindness. “Watch your heads, the Spaniard [Inigo] cautioned…I

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