Analysis Of James J. Braddock In Cinderella Man

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“It’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts…it’s how many times you get back up” (Likesuccess.com) This is exactly what the main character, James J. Braddock does in the film, Cinderella Man. The film begins during the end of the roaring 20’s. James J. Braddock is a successful boxer who seems to be making it big until the stock market crash and The Great Depression took its toll on Braddock’s family. Like many families during the time period, Jimmy Braddock is down on his luck. He is trying to get jobs on the dock in order to support his family. It seems as if his boxing days were over; people think Braddock is washed up. In a final act of desperation, and one of the only ways to help his family, James J. Braddock returns to the boxing ring for what is supposed to be his last match. With determination Jimmy Braddock wins the match, and eventually wins preceding matches. Braddock earns the nickname of The Bulldog of Bergen and The Cinderella Man for his extraordinary wins in the ring. Jimmy Braddock eventually beat the powerful heavy weight champ of the world, Max Baer. The Bulldog of Bergen was more than just a boxer; he was a symbol of a workingman making it big. James J. Braddock becomes the symbol of hope for people down and out on their luck during The Great Depression. …show more content…

Whether one is an athlete or not, the film shows many lessons. Determination and perseverance are just two lessons that audience members can relate to while watching the film. Braddock shows these lessons in wanting to win for his family and never backing down from a challenge. These lessons are valuable in any part of life, not just sports. The film also does a tremendous job at pulling at the viewer’s heartstrings. The unfortunate situation James J. Braddock’s family is in, makes the audience root for Jimmy the whole film. It is hard as a viewer to not get emotionally invested in the

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