James J. Braddock's Cinderella Man

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The Great Depression left everyone in shambles. This was an economic crisis and period of low business activity in the U.S. Beginning with the stock-market crash in October, 1929. After watching Cinderella Man, we learned that this economic drop caused James J. Braddock, a famous boxer before the crash, to lose everything. Yet, later gave citizen hope that times would get better. Braddock had gone through many challenges brought on by the Great Depression that he had to confront such as not finding work, losing his children just to try and keep them warm, and not being able to pay the bills.
James J. Braddock had to go through days without finding work. In one of the first scenes, it shows James and many other men on a pier trying to find work. Unfortunately, that day he was not picked for work, which also means he didn't get paid. He couldn’t pay the bills, couldn't pay for milk or food, and had to find someway to support his family. For a while, James continued to box to earn a little money, but as he started to lose more matches and also
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Braddock inspired and gave hope to American citizens during the great depression. Before the Great Depression, James was known as a famous boxer, with fame also came riches. People never thought James would ever be in a situation of debt with the government or in general having money issues. Even how bad the economy was they thought that he was just a stuck up rich person, hoarding all their money, while other people suffer to eat a meal. Yet he was in the exact same position, struggling to keep warm, being unemployed, and not eating real meals. When people found out that he was in the same situation, they started to pay attention. As soon as he started to box again and started to get back on his feet, citizens thought that could be them, working and earning money to keep the families warm. If James J. Braddock could do it, so could we. This helped people to not give up and to push for what they needed and
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