Grimm Brothers Cinderella Analysis

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Magic birds, evil stepsisters, and a forbidden love. These, along with many other symbols, put together a story. A story in which a girl and man long to be with each other, and have hope at times, but face obstacles along their journeys. Most would think of the Grimm Brothers Cinderella. While it may not outline it perfectly it could also be the story of Destino. Both of these tales involve hope, time, and obstacles. Although the stories may be similar their ends are very different. Despite the endings, we believe that through all the difficulties the characters face it’s all worth it in the name of love.
In all stories the characters must have hope to preserve through the problems they face. Without this constant hope they would fail in reaching …show more content…

In the story, Cinderella by the Grimm Brothers, the protagonist, Cinderella, endures seemingly unbeatable obstacles on her path to love. The evil stepsisters exemplify a forbidding obstacle that the protagonist of the story must overcome. The constant toxicity and menial tasks that the sisters placed on Cinderella made the task of going to the ball difficult for her. The stepsisters in Cinderella are similar to the green gremlin monsters in the film Destino in that they hinder the progress of the protagonist. The female protagonist in Destino was dancing around when these gremlin monsters ripped away her dress leaving her with a new problem to face. She began to fall off the mountain and tumble through the sky naked. This in tandem with the obstacle of finding and freeing her true love creates a story line of a long and tasking …show more content…

Cinderella is the typical go to example of this. In the Grimm Brothers fairy tale Cinderella has to get home before her evil stepsisters and stepmother do so not to be punished for going to the festival. She also has to escape the prince in time so he does not follow her to her humble home. How this portion of Cinderella relates to Destino is quite literal. Throughout the whole story there are signs and symbols of time. There are melted and broken clocks pictured in multiple scenes in the background or on the wrist of the male and female characters. We believe that they are there to symbolize their race against time to find love. It also shows how they seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. For instance once the man breaks free from the pyramid that encased him in stone the girl is longer there. She had moved on. The timing wasn’t

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