Inmate Todd Case

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On the above date and time Corporal Joshua Hussey asks to speak with me concerning an inmate complaint. He stated on 10/29/2015 night shift Inmate David Anthony Todd F Block/Cell F3 accused Officer James Law of inappropriately touching him. I instruct Cpl. Hussey to escort Inmate Todd out of the housing unit; he and myself exit Tower 2. Inmate Todd and I are in the Bonding Court Room when he gives his account of the incident; no other staff is present at this time. Recreation ended and Officer Law was locking down the inmates on the bottom tier. In Cell F3 Inmate Todd was lying down on his bunk (bottom) his head facing the wall, backside exposed, blanket covering his head, fully clothed, awake and his cellmate Patrick Michael Argoe was …show more content…

At first he thinks it is another inmate who violated him, but when he removes the cover from his face to confront his abuser he notice an officer standing over him, at this time he does not know his name. He asks him what was up, what are you doing and the officer states he was checking to see if he had his shirt on. There was an extra uniform top in the cell belonging to his other roommate (Datrone Gabriel Smalls) who was in the shower but was also a witness to the incident. Smalls confronts the officer and asks him if he is gay the officer says no and exits. He wanted to confront the officer himself but felt if they got into an altercation it would prolong his incarceration. Corporal Jason Howdyshell and myself were in Tower 2 that night however I was not present when the allege incident took place, nevertheless he says he was trying to contact me when I exited. Officer Law conducted watch tours in all housing units and at no point did I notice him doing anything out of the ordinary. I contact On-Call Administrator 1st Lieutenant Shirley Anderson; she comes to the court room and speaks with inmate Todd. Lt. Anderson takes a statement, contacts all necessary parties; sheriff office, medical department and Prea Coordinator

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