Insanity In Lord Of The Flies

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Engulfed By Sanguinity There are very thin line between insanity and sanity, inhumanity and humanity, abnormal and normal; all connect with the same idea that this concept is fragile and can easily be manipulated to either or. Slowly anyone can surpass these thin lines with a great amount of obstacles. This makes it safe to say that all humans are innately savage. There’s only one piece of evidence that really supports all of this, and that is Lord of The Flies by William Golding. This book glides you into tragedy, where a chaotic plane crash led to only kids for survivors. Suspensefully, the readers see how slowly, most of the boys lose their sense of mind. Descriptively, this book shows the slow rise of savagery gaining more power than …show more content…

After a pig run with the hunters and Ralph, things seemed to fall apart quickly. Jack and Ralph have an argument which makes the kids choose between Ralph being leader and Jack being leader. This is where the strict bold lines of civility and savagery appear. The kids in Jack’s tribe were chanting and making a dance around the fire, they accidentally kill Simon thinking he was the beast. Ironically, Simon was going over to them to tell them there is no beast, since he just finished having a hallucination of the pig head speaking to him naming himself ‘The Lord Of The Flies’. “Fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt and kill!”, which indicates that the Beast is not meant to be touched, heard, seen, tasted nor smelled because it’s simply within. Ralph’s group consist of littluns, the twins and innocent Piggy, Simon had a bond with Ralph so it was hard for him to get over it, whereas Jack’s group consist of everyone else and they didn’t really felt sympathy, or at least didn’t show it. (Thus allowing the secondary characters to become more meaningful in my opinion). Jack’s group hunts and rolls boulders and chants. Where Ralph and Piggy [who still wear some sort of their school clothes] simply eat fruit, make shelters and making fire with Piggy’s specs. However they are interfered by Jack’s “tribe” as they steal the specs to make fire instead of simply asking, which …show more content…

Innocent civilized children became mad lunatics. From all voting for a leader to them separating and going against each other. From introducing their names to the murder of two. There is a strict thin line that can easily be crossed from civility to savagery or vice versa, based on the certain situations. Anyone can go insane based on what they’re going through, but in severe cases, people can surrender themselves to savagery, supporting the fact that all humans are innately savage. The beast lies within us all but it is up to us to either unlock its cage or tame it with

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