Integrity In The Old Man And The Sea

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In the modern day, the most important trait looked for in the profession field is not a strong work ethic, leadership, or charisma, but rather a strong sense of integrity. In “The Old Man and the Sea”, Ernest Hemingway utilizes Santiago as a protagonist who maintains a strong sense of integrity and chooses to never boast despite being presented with many opportunities to do so. While boasting may temporarily satisfies various insecurities, it leaves no lasting impression on the crowd who hears it. Hemingway utilizes Santiago to exemplify how to be a truly remarkable person: by displaying an absence of of arrogance, and maintaining a high level of integrity. In short, one’s legacy is not defined by the major accomplishments they may have, but rather remembered by their sense of integrity. In the novel, Santiago’s initial goal is to brave the sea on his own, and catch a …show more content…

I know others better.” “Que va,” the boy says, “There are many good fishermen and some great ones, but there is only you.” “Thank you. You make me happy. I hope no fish will come along so great that he will prove us wrong.” (23) With that said, Santiago’s determination is the only reason that he is able to catch any fish. Also, he decides to not only ignore opportunities to boast his fishing skill, proving that he is above the common man trying to alleviate insecurities through bragging, but rather constantly displays a sense of humbleness and integrity. In conclusion, the sea is symbolic of the entire world in “Old Man and The Sea”, and Santiago barely even touched the water and learned so much, while teaching others even more. Santiago’s story gives insight to universal truths about human interaction with the world, and exposes how respect, confidence, pride, and determination can drive anybody through any challenge. Finally, Santiago’s fight with the marlin proves to be a symbol of the true meaning, and positive attitudes of

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