Intense Athletic Conditioning Research Paper

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Julissa Ocampo p.2 Dec. 3rd, 2015 Intense Athletic Conditioning: Do The Benefits Outweigh The Risks The risks of intensive athletic conditioning does not outweigh the benefits. Some of those risks include: The effect on social lives, physical injuries, and delayed developement. These risks can cause temporary or permanent damage to the athletes body. Physical injuries can be very serious and can sometimes ruin an athletes career, physical injuries often occur because of intense athletic conditioning and over-reaching. Over-reaching happens when an athlete trains too t states "overtraing syndrome can result in an overuse injury which is defined as a microtraumatic damage to bone, muscle, or tendon due to repetitive stress without adequate time for recovery"(faigenbaum, pp3, paragraph 3). Injuries such as those can ultimately ruin the athletes career. For example, In the article "For Children In Sports, A Breaking point." written by Jane …show more content…

Lastly, Intense athletic conditioning can effect their social life negatively. When athletes train too much and too hard they usually do not have time to socialize with their friends. A good example of this, is the story of a Chinese gymnast, Cheng Fei. She worked intensively, daily, leaving her with no social life. In The article "Chinese Gymnast Endured Childhood Sacrifice" written by David Barboza, it states "At the Wuhan institute Of Physical Education, she joined a large group of child athletes in a sports program that required them to follow rigorous training routines"(Barboza, pp3, paragraph 2). To live a healthy, happy life, an athlete must have balance in their life, and intense athletic conditioning does not allow time for

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