College Athletes Should Be Paid

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The debate over whether or not student-athletes should receive money has been a hot topic recently. College athletes should benefit monetarily for their efforts because of the serious risks involved, the time the athletes put into it, and if the college is making money off these students they should financially benefit from it. Playing college sports is a dream for some kids, but many do not fully comprehend the issues involved in college sports. There is real danger involved with playing any sport, players can get seriously injured. The physical risks involved in sports are extensive. Many athletes have career-ending injuries during college. If that were to happen all their hard work would be for nothing, they would have made no monetary profit from years of training. Some are put into wheel cars for life, or have permanent brain damage. Not only physical issues, but mental issues are result from college sports. Some former athletes have long-term issues like depression, or frustration. One concussion can have big effects on a person. Many athletes acquire multiple concussion during their careers, and that can result in a lifetime of emotional and physical problems. The risks posed in college sports are nothing to take lightly. …show more content…

Some Division 1 athletes put over 40 hours of work into their sports per week. That is more than an average American full time worker. College is already a huge time commitment with classes, but athletes have to go to practice daily. Athletes could not possibly have enough time for it all, receiving a good education takes time and effort. One person only has so much time, so that starts the debate of if athletes are getting a quality education. The main reason for college is the education, but being an athlete, you could not make education a

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