Trends In The Recruitment And Selection Process

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Project TitleRecruitment and Selection Process across various organisations ObjectivesTo find out the various recruitment and selection process being followed by various organisation, emerging trends in the recruitment and selection process, effectiveness of the right selection process. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organisations have to respond quickly to requirements for people. Human resource in this regard has become an important function in any organisation. All practices of marketing and finances can be easily emulated but the capability, the skills and talent of a person cannot be emulated. The objectives of this project are as follows: a. To understand the internal recruitment process in organisation. b. To know about the…show more content…
There is a tough competition among these companies to get these candidates on their roles. These days, its not just salaries which will pull the candidate in but various factors like brand, culture, location, job security, reputation of the company etc play a major role in recruiting a talented professional. MethodologyResearch methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. In it, we study the various steps that are generally adapted by a researcher in studying research problem along with logic behind them. A research design is the specification of methods and procedures for acquiring the information needed to structure or solve the problem. It is the overall operational pattern or framework of the project that stimulates what information is to be collected from which source and by what procedure. On the basis of major purpose of our investigation the Exploratory Research was found to be most suitable. This kind of research has the primary objective of development of insights into the problem. It studies the main area where the problem lies and also tries to evaluate some appropriate courses of

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