The Importance Of The Recruitment And Selection Process

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Employees are crucial to any business, and so it is extremely important for an organisation to have a great understanding to the recruitment and selection process. This process is used to make sure the right candidate is chosen for the job. The aim of the research is to create a better understand of the recruitment and selection process and what takes organisation to recruit new employees. The recruitment and selection process has so many different elements to think about, and this essay reflects on how the organisation searches for possible candidates to recruit. Recruitment and selection process is dealt with mostly the human resource (HR) department, although in many organisations it is common for other heads of department to be involved in the process to make sure that technical considerations are assessed during recruitment and selection so that no faults are made. Organisation also have to make a decision as to whether it is better to recruit internally or externally, and both come with advantages and disadvantages. There are also legal consideration to take into account when associated with recruitment and selection process which is imperative that an organisation sticks to (Aylott, 2014)
Recruitment and selection bests practices
The first few steps in recruitment should be fairly straightforward. It is important for the organisations HR department to know how many position within the company are free, and what necessary skills and abilities are needed

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