Tanglewood Case 3: Recruitment Agencies

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Managers have been operating under the guidelines of the Tanglewood policy and procedures which reflect the missionary of the stores. Tanglewood Presidents and CEO’s keep the décor of each store similar to each other this giving any out of town customer the remembrance of them shopping in their own store without having to look for the items they need, but managers are not operating the same manner and this has to change in order to reflect on the founders of the organization. Staffing will be the primary change which needs to take effect immediately in order to accomplish their vision and missionary statement. This must be done by creating a department called Recruitment Agencies to start with the selection process. Since Tanglewood operates a large employment rate and it will be in their best interest to have their own recruiters because it will save in cost if and they will have the process from the beginning to the end for the placement of said candidates. Once that is implemented, the recruiters will begin the process of informing those internally of the positions which are available at the organization. They will use the targeted recruitment method. That will allow the organization to find the talent within the organization first. …show more content…

Once this screening process is done, the selection will be granted by using the Multiple Predictors. According to Heneman III, Judge and Kammeyer-Mueller, (2012), “decisions must be made about combining the resultant scores. These decisions can be addressed through consideration of compensator, multiple hurdles and combined approaches. “ These are a few of the ideas that can assist the organization with saving

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