Compare And Contrast The Recruitment And Selection Process Of Tesco

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1 Introduction
In this competitive business environment, recruitment and selection practices play a vital role for the growth of a business. Because skilled manpower is the main factor for a successful business and through proper recruitment and selection practices this manpower is achieved which leads to organizational growth. The process of attracting and finding suitable candidate for the required position is recruitment and selection is the process of appointing or hiring right people (Batt, R. 2002). Recruitment means a positive activity because it invites all candidates to organization whereas selection is a negative activity because it rejects some applicant out of organization. Selection is a difficult decision making process. Business …show more content…

Whether it is possible to make organizational growth through effective recruitment and selection process or not is the main issue (Fritsch, M., & Mueller, P. 2004). Before that many researchers have complete their work on it and they all have found a positive relation between effective recruitment and selection practices and organizational growth. Tesco aims to ensure all roles work together to drive its business objectives. It has a structured process for recruitment and selection to attract applicants for both managerial and operational roles. Here another study will be conducted on Tesco plc to find out recruitment and selection practices and organizational …show more content…

It is impossible for any business to survive and compete without its growth. The growth and profitability largely depends on skilled employees. Tesco recognizes that increasing knowledge, improving skills and job satisfaction of employees are all vital to the continued growth of the company. Effective recruitment and selection process helps to find out these required skilled or qualified employees (Ahmad, S., & Schroeder, R. G. 2002). Effective recruitment and selection practice is one of the most important tools for business growth. That’s why to understand the business growth of Tesco through effective selection process has become an important

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