Tesco Recruitment Case Study

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1 Introduction In this competitive business environment, recruitment and selection practices play a vital role for the growth of a business. Because skilled manpower is the main factor for a successful business and through proper recruitment and selection practices this manpower is achieved which leads to organizational growth. The process of attracting and finding suitable candidate for the required position is recruitment and selection is the process of appointing or hiring right people (Batt, R. 2002). Recruitment means a positive activity because it invites all candidates to organization whereas selection is a negative activity because it rejects some applicant out of organization. Selection is a difficult decision making process. Business Growth is an innovative package of assistance programs specifically structured to assist local businesses build profitability, sustainability and capability. For the growth of a business both effective recruitment and selection is essential (Patterson, M. G., West, M. A., Lawthom, R., & Nickell, S. 1997). Tesco Plc, a renowned British general merchandise and grocery multinational company established in 1919. Jack Cohen founded the company whose headquarter is located Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. In terms of profit it position is third in the world and in terms of revenue it is second in the world. In different part of world Including Asia and Europe it has operation in 12 countries. The present name Tesco was used first in 1924

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