Intersectionality In Counseling Essay

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Historically, society as a whole has encountered many adverse situations regarding multicultural counseling, all of which have strengthened the core of the profession. Counseling for many years was entangled with the ideology of monocultural disciplines, which deemphasizes the notion of cultural diversity in the profession of counseling. This is significant as due to the premature societies, it was considered the norm to be associated with a single dominant cultural group where its values, behaviors, expectations, and methodologies were assumed to be the catalyst for all other cultures to follow. Seemingly, the previously mentioned became problematic and unorthodox, as societies across the world continued to expand racially and ethnically. …show more content…

Shin et al. (2017) theorized that intersectionality serves as the framework for counselors to examine and understand how a person’s social identity and interpersonal effectiveness are affected due to biases and the various methods of oppression endured within society. In fact, the notion of intersectionality serves as the conduit to recognizing the impact of discriminatory behaviors has on a person’s ability to thrive and achieve domains of significance successfully. The unfortunate reality is that the marginalized and underprivileged minority groups that comprise our societies have difficulties accessing counseling services that are impartial to enhance his or her autonomy (Shin et al., 2017). As a whole, it should be expected that the people seeking therapeutic services are in desperate need of counselors that are multiculturally responsive to the diverse needs of marginalized ethnic groups (Shin et al., 2017). In a similar manner, many members of society still fall victim to discriminatory behaviors and continue to have trouble with accessing counseling services

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