Into The Wild: Christopher Mccandless

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Into the Wild was about a guy named Christopher McCandless. He was a top student and athlete who came from a wealthy family. After he graduated college, he told his parents that he was going to spend his summer traveling. Chris then sent his final college transcripts and a letter to his family but little did they know that would be the last time they would hear from their son. Before Chris left for his adventure he cut up all his credit cards, burned his social security card, and donated his life savings to a charity. He was traveling by car until a flash flood happened causing him to abandon his car and travel by foot. After that he burned his remaining cash and began to go by the name Alexander Supertramp. Alex first met a hippie couple named Jan and Rainey. Rainey told Alex that his marriage with Jan is rocky and that brought back a flashback for Alex when his parents would fight all the time and abuse each other in front of him and his sister. He then helped rekindle …show more content…

Throughout the movie he changed the views of many people. He showed others to follow their dreams and opened their eyes to what's around them. At the beginning of the movie Alex thought that money and possessions were not important but in the end he realized that were and also that nature is important as well. I can compare this movie to class because a leader is someone who motivates, inspires and guides others towards the desired outcome. Alex motivated everyone he met to be a better person and to look at life in a different perspective and to look at what is around you. His mind was bigger and more open to possibilities than anybody I know. I think that everyone should watch this movie and see the impact that Chris/ Alex had on not only my life just watching it, but to other actors in the

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