Investivity And Reflection In The Thought Fox, By Ted Hughes

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Have you ever sat within a group of friends reading poems and getting flattered with the inferences and connections each one of you make? Yes! That is the best thing about poetry; it can be interpreted in several ways. None of them is wrong though. It is just a matter of creativity and imagination. Stumbling across three poems (“The Thought Fox”, “Two Trees”, and “Digging”), you can see that each of them may look different. However, in some way, they all relate! The poems include various forms of creativity and art; yet, they all contribute in describing the process of writing a poem in their own unique styles.
In the poem “The Thought Fox”, the poet, Ted Hughes, establishes a dark and sneaky mood from the very beginning with the conceit “Fox” and his word choice by mentioning the “midnight moment’s forest”, “and again now, and now, and now”, and “with a sudden sharp hot stink of fox”. He intensely uses alliteration, consonance, and assonance giving the poem a lyrical touch as well as aiding him in delivering the speed of the moment. This mood of darkness, loneliness, and suddenness resembles the way a poem gets written. The thoughts of the person suddenly attacks in the middle of the dark and takes over the person’s mind; then, the person gets engaged in those thoughts that they start unconsciously jotting down words on a “blank page” which later gets to be a “printed page” and that is where the poem lies! The poet gorgeously wrapped up the poem by re-mentioning “the
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