Ted Kaczynski: Linkage Analysis

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A twisted mastermind, living a more casual life magnified as a brutal assassin. His specialty, bombs, leaving an untraceable path and false trails. Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber, delivered bombs to his target for almost 2 decades. On his killing binge he killed in total 3 Americans injuring over 20 people. This was the very first profiled serial killer in history. Profilers spent 17 years with the bodies of the remaining victims and this quote to identify Ted Kaczynski. The job of a profiler is to apply the evidence of the suspected murder or crime scenes to the suspect himself. From that process they use their psychological intelligence to identify various characteristics, like age, race, disorders, and social status about the unsub or the …show more content…

Profilers are an important part to the FBI family because their job allows them to solve more serious cases in a more sophisticated and quick manner.
Crime scene characteristics can tell you a lot about the offender of the crime. Normally the information the crime scene aids with is whether future or previous crimes are related. By relating previous crimes they can find out more on the offender and whether they are planning future crimes this is also known as linkage analysis (Crime Scene Profiling). The crime scene can also help tell a story of how the crime was done. For example in some cases it could tell you if a house was broken into or if the victim allowed the offender in. In other cases it may show a fight or a struggle between the offender and the victim. Criminal Minds, although a very fictional televised program, show a very in depth view of profilers jobs and how they connect the crime scene

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