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There are many renowned individuals producing literature within the field of satire; among these individuals is the well-known Molly Ivins. Due to Ivins ' ability to use satire and irony throughout the discussion of serious topics, she has sustained a career as an author and political commentator and found great success along the way. In Ivins ' essay, “Is Texas America,” she ponders her objective to “explode the myths about Texas” during her journalist career (Ivins 782); Ivins refers to Texas as a massive and diverse state allowing for more variety among individuals and increased deviation from stereotypes. However, throughout her article she continues to place increased emphasis on the generalized stereotype of a white Republican male. Despite Ivan’s failure to efficiently analyze several topics she discusses, such as homophobia, racism, and Texas identification, there are sources that do agree with her stance and provide a more detailed explanation. Ivins first introduces the topic of homophobia through quoting a previous …show more content…

Ivins ' Article points out important arguments in Texas that require greater research and comprehension, however, all of her stances have supported research. The dilemmas that Ivan addresses in her literature are situations Texas is still dealing with in the modern era and requires much improvement on. These problems include Homophobia, Racism and a new identification of what it means to be a ‘Texan’. Although changes such as same-sex marriage legalization are sweeping across America, there are still articles surfacing about blatant Homophobia in the same regions of Texas. More recently, Houston voted against the non-discrimination policy, which made it illegal to actually discriminate against someone in the workplace; this is while Texas is still dealing with hate towards race, gender, and sexual orientation. In order for Texans to change these issues for the better, they must actively address them and not continuously sweep them under the

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