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Isaac Newton Isaac Newton was one of the great minds in the development and evolution of math and science by contributing many various things in different parts of math and science but was widely known for his work on the “Newton’s three Laws of Motion” which provide outstanding work and study that helped the understanding and concept of gravity. On January 4th 1646 Isaac Newton was born to a farmer his dad by the name of Isaac Newton as well, but had unfortunately died 3 months before the birth of his premature son Isaac Newton. When Newton was born he was expected not to survive due to the fact that he was tiny, weak and fragile. At about the age of 3 his mother Hannah Ayscough Newton had no husband and only a son to care for so she went …show more content…

Isaac would then go on and enroll into the school of king’s in a town called Lincolnshire where he was introduced to the fascinating work of chemistry ,but his mother would end up pulling him out to pursue the way of being a farmer following in the footsteps of his father ,but ended up failing miserably at that. He was soon sent back to school to complete his basic education at kings. After his uncle helped persuade his mother to allow him to enter the university of Cambridge trinity college he went into work study and found himself waiting on tables and taking care of wealthier students rooms. As Newton entered the Cambridge College the Scientific Revolution was in full throttle and was being covered in many different scientific majors that included a lot of work with many other mathmatitions, but like many other European Universities they took a focus on nature and dealing with it in qualitative rather than a quantitative term. While being taught the basic curriculum he was more interested in the much further advance science which would lead to the creation of his notes called the “Quaestiones” which revealed that Newton discovered the new concept of nature and would provide the framework for the Scientific Revolution. Although h didn’t end up

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