J. N. Enriquez's Fame And Honor

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I hope you appreciate this gift from me, J. N. Enriquez, the author of this novel, Fame and Honor.
This novel was the first in a series of numerous attempts to create an ideal saga for Catholic youth. This series in question was referred to as Die Helden von Katholische Ausbildung (The Heroes of Catholic Education). Its story revolves around a group of characters–most of them Roman Catholics of both Rites, and their respective roles as they bring about the highly theoretical rebirth of Catholic Education within the United States. Furthermore, it is a fictionalized ‘what-if’ scenario that occurred through the main characters’ actions, in addition to the actions of countless others.
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It must be stressed that I did not write books like Fame and Honor to make money, which is probably the reason why I have so little of it. I wrote such books for the sake of an idea and for the fanfare of the Catholic school student. This idea of mine was something that I had been in support of since I was in the 7th grade at my second parochial school, St. Gregory the Great. The idea was sound, and it was something that I became eagerly determined to follow: a future for Catholic children, the opportunity to be able to learn about the Catholic faith in both physical and moral safety.
My goal involving novels such as Fame and Honor was that, I knew there had to be a way for me to give back to the educational institution which gave me the environment to think for myself, and to be instilled with the conviction that the world can be changed for the better. To do just that, I decided that it was time to begin the production of a special edition of Fame and Honor, as well as the next several installments within this literary series that I have worked tirelessly on. Christening it as the “Greater Catholic Education Edition,” in honor of the long legacy of the American Catholic School System, these specialized novels shall be the ones that are to be freely distributed to the Catholic high schools within the continental United States in paperback form. As part

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