Jack In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Ralph’s paradise island quickly turns into a rouge island full of crazed children and Jack’s bloodthirsty tactics. A plane crashes on an uninhabited island and British boys are stranded there with no adult supervision or guidance. This causes the boys to gather and form a type of government and appoint a leader. However, this system soon turns corrupt and Jack and his choir boys create an uproar and a revolution. This leads to innocent lives lost and a number on Ralph 's head. Consequently, Jack goes through a great deal of change and that causes him to make choices he would not consider if he wasn 't under the islands circumstances.

The first major change in Jack’s behavior is when he can not build up the courage to kill the first wild …show more content…

When Jack is in a full trance of killing and hunting the beast, he is easily fooled into thinking that Simon walking out of the forest is the beast. This trance spawns a chant of repeating the words "Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!". This results in the termination of Simon. This is where the tide completely turns for the dictatorial …show more content…

The third and most abrupt change is when Jack tries to kill Ralph. The old leader wants nothing but to sooth the chaos of the island. However, Jack has different intentions and wants Ralph to be executed. Ralph’s execution prolongs when Jack sets the forest on fire to try to flush Ralph out. However, this act catches a naval officer 's ship to check out the situation. This leads to the saving of the boys, including Jack and Ralph. You can tell the severity of the situation when the Naval Officer says “Fun and Games are over”.

Overall, Jack goes through an ordeal of negative changes over the course of the book. The act of turning into a complete power hungry savage proves that this once civilized city boy has taken a toll from the island. It turns out that Jack was never mentally suited to be stranded on an island with no adults and his mental state is rather corrupted after his journey to the paradise

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