Jacob Ind Murder Case

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On December 18, 1992, a minor was arrested and charged with first degree murder of his parents and was sentenced to life in prison.

Jacob Ind, 15, a high-school freshman from Woodland Park, near Colorado Springs was arrested for brutally murdering his mother Pamela and step-father Kermode Jordan in the evening of December 17, 1992. The incident took place in the family home some time before midnight. The boy stabbed and shot the deceased couple multiple times in the torso and the head, with a .357 caliber revolver, which belonged to Kermode Jordan. It is believed he had an accomplice but the person has not been identified yet, thus making Jacob the prime suspect.

Ind was arrested the next day in school when called to the principals office, after serious allegations by his fellow students, saying Jacob was talked about how he killed his parents and intends to commit suicide aswell. Jacob Ind
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The accused was defended by his own brother, Charles Ind, who was also gave insight into the family life in Woodland Park. Charles Ind stated, that many forms of abuse, including sexual, took place during their life together with Kermode Jordan and the negligence by their mother Pamela, thus giving reason to the murders. Evidence was brought forward from the night of the murders and the prosecutor stated: “whatever happened in that house, has been exagerated for one purpose, to get this defendant off as an excuse to kill.” The jury fas faced with the question, “is abuse really a reason for murder?”

After several questionings and examination of evidence, the jury found the defendant guilty of first degree murders of Pamela and Kermode Jordan and the court sentenced Jacob Ind to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Ind was sent to Colorado State Penitentiary where he will spend his imprisonment in solitary

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