Jacob Riis: An Advocate For The Homeless

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As the glowing medallion in the sky descends below our peripheral vision and our lukewarm bed welcomes us, we rarely consider the people on the dank pavement that acquire cardboard boxes. Each box imperceptibly labeled “ this is my home.” Your eyes began to fade shut while the dreams begin to transpire. Jumping between worlds, for most live their lives on the edge of a terrible dream, yet few have the courage to pass. Yet, those who have these nightmares are more courageous than them all, as they can only wish to wake up with nothing but a memory. Suddenly you wake up in an alternate place. Covering your body are the remains of what were once clothes. Your appearance is almost disheveled looking. Yet, to you, it is enough. …show more content…

His photographs are part of a larger effort to address the problems of rapid industrialization and urbanization. He argues for better housing, adequate lighting and sanitation, and the construction of city parks and playgrounds for all. For years he has documented the slums of New York, what he deemed the work of the “other half,” teeming with immigrants, disease, and abuse. As a police reporter and social reformer, he became very familiar with our society and hopes to draw attention to the horrendous conditions. In 1888 he started photographing the streets and people he encountered, using black and white slides to accompany his lectures and influential text. Based off of his sights he created ‘ How The Other Half

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