James Knox Polk Thesis

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James Knox Polk was born November 2, 1795, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Polk was most known for successfully defeating the Mexicans in the Mexican War. Polk was also the 11th president of the United States. When Polk was young, he lived in North Carolina with his father, Samuel Polk, and his mother, Jane Polk. James was the oldest of his nine siblings. When he was only 11 years His family moved to Tennessee. After they moved, James was unable to attend school due to an illness he had possibly caught on the move to Tennessee. His family hired tutors that would come to James and teach him. As Polk grew older he overcame the illness and enrolled at the University of North Carolina. He graduated in 1818 and returned to Tennessee …show more content…

Polk was elected as the state representative in the House of Representatives in 1823. Polk married Sarah Childress Polk during his time in the House of Representatives in 1824. Polk rapidly gained popularity and was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1835. He served as this position for 4 years. He left the position to run as governor of Tennessee. He only served one term before he was defeated for a second term in 1841. Polk returned to Washington where he was sent to attend a Democratic convention in Baltimore, Maryland. Polk thrived with potential at the convention and decided to run for president in 1844 as a Democratic candidate. Though Polk only hoped for vice president, he had surprising success in the polls. His greatest supporter might have been his wife, Sarah Polk, who tried to help her husband’s campaign in any way she could. Polk beings his campaign targeting the Oregon border dispute with England. His campaign slogan: “Fifty-four forty or fight!”referencing the latitude of the border line in which Polk threatened to fight for. Polk was named as the frontrunner as the Democratic candidate, running against the Whig party who nominated Henry Clay as their frontrunner. Polk received constant harassment from the Whigs who would shout: “Who is James K. Polk?” The Whigs were shocked to know that Polk was announced as president on election day. James Polk could be described as being the first “dark horse” candidate to win the

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