John C Calhoun Political Analysis

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John C. Calhoun

John C. Calhoun was a great politician of the 19th century. He strengthened the nation with internal improvements. Mr. Calhoun really wanted to charter a new United States bank t help the money situation and improve the economy. He was very supportive to all these national projects in Congress. John Calhoun was known as a very famous politician and was about to be elected president. He helped out a lot during the war. Mr. Calhoun also was a part of many things in S.C and U.S. He fought to help troops and help their troops from congress. But back to Mr. Calhoun being a politician, he began his political career in 1810 that was when he first was elected to congress. He stayed until 1825 before he became vice president of the United States. John Calhoun also began switch his …show more content…

They had lots of things in common. They were very supportive and helpful to others. Also they were active in the South Carolina government system. They both started working at a early age. Mr. Byrnes and Mr. Calhoun both were senators of the United States. they both were a part of the House of Representatives. They both wanted to become vice president also. John C. Calhoun did actually become vice president. They both were active in a lot of events. Both were trustworthy and people loved them. But they were not all that similar, John Calhoun was an politician and James Byrnes was a democratic. John C. Calhoun step his game up. He became vice president. He was even elected twice. He helped out during the war helping troops survive and say healthy. He was a politician but he was a part of one of the democratic parties. James Byrnes lost his popular political figure. He did more stuff then Mr. Byrnes did. In 1810 he was elected for a political congress. Then after that became president. His first election he won the he got re-elected he came in second place. I believed John Calhoun was more important in the state's

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