Jane Eyre Book Vs Movie Analysis

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There is a close relationship between literature and film and we can see that more and more films come from literature in recent years like Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, a science fiction film named Arrival and so on. In fact, Jane Eyre is a popular story that a number of directors used it as adaption to a film and the 2011 version is the No.35 version of adaption.

During to search with key words “Jane Eyre” “movie” and “adaption” on the Internet, I found the 1944 version and 2011 version have more comments. Most audience consider the 1944 version is the best adaption and more classical because this version is closer to the literature, showing the romantic, Gothic and depressed during the Victorian. However, the 2011 version is the newest version, it is with more details so that it can help audience to understand the mental activity of Jane and have more feeling of the actual environment Jane lived. As for that, this article will compare these two adaptions of Jane Eyre.

I. Directors and actors
1) 1944 version adaption
The director of 1944 version is Robert Stevenson, unlike the …show more content…

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