Tokusatsu Film Analysis

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Outside of Asia, Japan has influenced a lot of countries in the West through its different genres of films. The Tokusatsu genre had also propagated to Europe and the United States.The Japanese Godzilla-style movie has inspired movies like Gorgo from the King Brothers Productions in the United Kingdom and Danish Saga Studios, Reptilicus. The Henshin Hero style was also created in the United States by Saban Entertainment’s Power Rangers in 1993 and Masked Rider in 1995 after they bought them from Toei. In France, the French Buki X-1 Production had created the Junshi Sentai France Five or known as France Five in 2000. This shows how the Japanese Tokusatsu played a major role in commencing Japan’s soft power in the world especially in the film…show more content…
Therefore, via alliances with distant suppliers and allies, the Japanese film industry was able to jointly develop new capability and access new resources and knowledge to exploit more markets, and facilitate interorganizational learning. Therefore, this has enabled the creation of a cluster of competence for both the Japanese and American film industry, which is also what Todo and Matous predicted in their article Economic Networks for more effective and resilient economies , due to the geographic diversity of knowledge. The Japanese government also subsidies co-productions with foreign partners by the film industry, therefore encouraging such actions by the film…show more content…
Hollywood has taken an interest also, with remakes of Japanese films such as the Matrix and Dark Angel. Globally, Japan has taken the lion’s share of the animation movies industry, in 2003, making up 60% of the global animation industry : in 2004, 5 out of 6 notable film releases overseas were animated. Therefore, animation is emerging as a comparative advantage for Japanese film-makers, and the Japanese film industry is known to be strong in animation. This is arguably due to the links between the Japanese anime and manga industries which is also strong in Japan.

In 2012, international exports of film excluding anime only amount to 5.3 billion yen, which only forms 2.7% of total sales of films excluding anime. On the other hand, anime exports accounted for 4.5 trillion yen in the same period. Therefore anime is much more significant and popular than other forms of film in the global market when it comes to the Japanese film

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