Japanese Propagand If I Was Alive During World War II

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If I was alive during World War II and saw all this propaganda about Japanese people I would believe that they were all evil. According to multiple visual documents, The Japanese were Backstabbers, Rapists, and the enemy. Propaganda at the time showed lots of false information. It would persuade young men to join the war and help protect the United States. The information also caused lots of racism towards Japanese Americans. At the time, Japanese people were considered backstabbers because Japan and the United States would never have war with one another since they had traded for parts and oil, and out of nowhere they bombed Pearl Harbor. This caused the US to create propaganda to persuade young men to join the war against the Japs. A visual document states, “Remember Pearl Harbor”, The image shows the Statue of Liberty getting stabbed by a knife, and on the knife holder's arm it says, “Jap Treachery”, It's trying to show that the Japanese backstabbed the US. I would agree; it was kind of a backstab. Another document states, “Don't talk rats have big ears ', they are trying to say that Japanese-Americans could snitch on them if they talk …show more content…

The poster of a propaganda poster says, “ Jap Beast and his plot to rape the world”, the image shows two Japanese soldiers holding a young lady hostage while she is on the ground. I feel like the photo is trying to show us that they were holding her against her will and you can save her by joining the military. They used many types of propaganda to make Japanese people look evil. For example, a document says, “Keep this horror away from your home”, in the picture it shows an angry Japanese soldier holding a lady with a knife in his other hand. The photo is persuading many people to try and protect their house from the Japanese. They put lots of these posters up during World War II, many people saw them and joined through

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