Jean Piaget's Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Jean Piaget, a psychologist commonly known for his theory of cognitive development that observes and describes how children mentally develop through childhood. He believed that children think and organize their world meaningfully, but different from adults. Piaget’s sought out through cognitive development that children children go through four stages of mental development stages Sensorimotor Child (birth-2), Preoperational (2-7), Concrete Operational (7-11), and Formal Operational (12+). Throughout these stages outside influences force children to grow cognitively, one way being through books and illustrations. The first stage being Sensorimotor, when a baby is first born he or she is developing both physically and cognitively. In months 1 through 4 you see babies develop primarily physically where they learn to grip, pull, and move their arms and legs, their schemata revolves around sensory and motor skills. For example, as we discussed in class babies in the early months often move their arms in circular motions to things such as “jungle gym” where you have a child laying on his or her back hitting the objects that hang above them.In the later part of this stage the baby will start to develop more mentally, where the infant will start to develop the idea of object permanence, where objects can be remembered and can even be represented. The next stage in Piaget 's theory is the Preoperational stage which is from the age of 2 through 7. At this stage, Piaget 's defines
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