Jeep Wrangler Case Study

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17. Jeep Wrangler YJ (1987): The compact and mid size car of Jeep Wrangler is a 4 wheel drive off road vehicle and manufactured by Jeep. In 1982, design work commencing on the potential development of CJ7 was replaced by green-lighted. The Jeep Wrangler YJ expensive cars of 1900s were unveiled and entered into a production. They replaced by much loved, but slow selling jeep CJ in 1986. The new designed jeep was more comfortable in the road side attempt to attract a daily driver. A new design is entirely wider track with less ground clearance and more comfort. Their YJ body is similar to CJ7, but interchangeable with some major modifications. It is easy to identify due to rectangular headlights and wiper blades rest on the windshield is to clean…show more content…
The president and founder of the Volvo car are Assar Gabrielesson. They got an idea for the car and saw a Chevrolet Corvette in the US. To design a tool of a fiberglass polyester body was produced in Sweden. Erik Quistgaard was appointed as a development team leader. The expensive cars of 1900s were built on a tubular steel chassis and used for the Volvo PV444 that produce engine 1414 cubic centimeters and 70 horsepower in 52 KW. This engine was fitted into a twin SU carburetor and drive through 3 speed manual gearboxes. Other parts were been taken from the Volvo PV444. They inspired with an independent front suspension and Oldsmobile like coil spring rear suspension are used for the P1900 Sport. The costlier cars had lost money in a two seats sold $3,922. This car styling and rock solid reliability mean still running around the world. Gunnar Engellau is replaced as a president of Gabrielesson. They took a drive from the holiday weekend. This car was produced only 68 plus five prototypes. In 1956, 44 cars were built in the Swedish market and survive. Then the next sports car P1800 was successfully sold 47,492 units. Meta Description: At present, though there are numerous brands and thousands of models either costlier or cheaper one, yet, 1900s were the periods when cars’ industries have faced lots of new dimensions. Obviously, in this article you can clearly get a view on the 20 top expensive cars of 1900s that really rocks the whole world till

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