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Character Literary Essay
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In the book Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentmer, the 2 characters that popped out were Carver Briggs and Jesmyn. Carver is a 17 year old boy who is funny, guilty, and stressed. He loves writing and tells stories to his therapist. He is very emotional and has a lot of panic attacks. Jesmyn is caring, sweet, and kind to others. She loves playing piano and singing. Music is her life. She really cares for her friends and family, the people she loves and cares for. She …show more content…

In the book Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentmer, this shows that Carver is an emotional person, “... I glance away and rub my face because I’m starting to choke up… I breathe through the tightness of my throat…” (Pages 140-141). This quote proves that Carver is emotional because he was just talking to his therapist and barely held himself together. Talking about his friends makes it really hard for him to stay fine because he cares about them a lot. Although Carver is a very emotional character, Jesmyn can get hurt as well. She hides her emotions but they are definitely there. In the book Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentmer, this quote shows that Jesmyn is emotional but quietly, “...Today, I was practicing, I started crying. Randomly… 1 minute I'm standing in the ocean, fine. The next minute I'm drowning” Page 130. This makes Jesmyn emotional because she is going through a lot and just starts crying from time to time. She misses her boyfriend and losing him was really hard for her mental health. To sum up, Jesmyn and Carver are emotional and grieving in their own ways. They both lost people they loved and it was hard for them to grieve over it all. Losing a loved one(s) can be the saddest moment of a person's

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