Jerry Sandusky And The Organization Functions At Penn State University

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Jerry Sandusky sexually abused children, specifically young boys, on the Penn State University campus. Four move-makers, Graham Spanier, Gary Schultz, Timothy Curley, and Joseph Paterno, with authority were aware that Jerry Sandusky had a problem with having sexual and/or sexual intent encounters with children. Their first public knowledge of this was when a mother reported to the police that he had showered with her son on campus. Following this incident Mike McQueary reported an eye-witnessed encounter of Sandusky and a child to one of the four, Joseph Paterno, in which it took him over 24 hours to make a move with the information. (Crandall, Parnell, Spillan, 2013). Now at this point that should be enough to go directly to the Board of …show more content…

When punishments began to come down, one of the most difficult to understand involved the football program. According to Crandall, Parnell & Spillan (2013), the NCAA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, decided to sanction Penn State harshly. They were not allowed to participate in regular season games for 4 years and scholarships were reduced (Crandall et al.). This affected the football program and its staff. With not being able to play regular season games and the brunt of the scandal’s impact on the university, many talented recruits changed their minds about coming to Penn State (Thamel, 2012). In addition, the staff that once led the team to many victories was now no more and had to be replaced. This affected human resources as well. Paterno, Curley, and Sandusky are now gone and human resources not only have to process their departure appropriately, but also recruit and fulfill their positions with confidence that they are making the appropriate …show more content…

With the image looming, public relations had to work desperately to attempt to manage the information shared about the scandal outside of what was public information. According to Kelley (2014), most universities public reputations are determined by the perspectives of those outside looking. Considering those are the people who donate and attend Penn State, their perspective of their reputation during and after the Sandusky scandal determined whether they would continue to attend and support the university’s academics. While there is no record of a drop in solely academic enrollment and with the football program at a standstill, there was still necessary coverage and specific navigation of information to be shared concerning Penn States stance in the

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