Jesse Owen: Why Was Jesse Owens Beat Hitler's War

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Jesse Owens Why was Jesse Owens so famous for what he did? Jesse owens was famous for what he did because Jesse Owens beat Hitler’s notion. Jesse Owens, he did many things but did one thing that will forever be known as the day Jesse Owens beat Hitler’s nation and when he did it changed American History forever. Jesse Owens won’t be remembered as just a really good runner but will be also remembered as a hero.

First off,Who inspired Jesse Owens to run? In a surprise, “Chancellor Adolf Hitler inspired Jesse Owens to run more because even though Hitler didn’t shake or congratulate him on his win because he was African American this made Jesse Owens still want to run more and more because of the fact that Adolf Hitler wanted his notion to win”,(Kevin). “Jesse Owens did not know what to think going into the Olympics. The Olympics were being held in Berlin, and Chancellor Adolf Hitler, the host of the Olympics, was known to be racist. He would be intimidated by the
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Beating Hitler’s notion was a good thing because everyone was hoping for the best well obviously for their notion but when Jesse Owens won, their was weight lifted off their shoulders because if Hitler’s notion win he would hold it against all of these innocent people that don’t deserve to be treated the way Hitler treats Jewish. Jesse Owens left a legacy a legacy that will be known as not just a miracle, but it was a legacy that was heard around the WORLD! “ Despite segregation and a social hierarchy that was an impasse to both black opportunity and achievement, Owens created a lasting legacy that drastically impacted race relations.”( Jesse Owens was the fastest runner in the world for approximately 30 years, getting to shake Hitler’s hand was disapproving because Hitler was not quite thrilled when Jesse Owens won but that didn’t bother Jesse Owens, in fact he felt he didn’t need approval from the guy who tries killing every

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