Jesse James Accomplishments

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Jesse James was a very horrible man that a lot of people looked up to for some reason. He was into a lot of criminal activity that got him into some trouble. Not with just the law but with other people as well, so he always had to keep a lookout for people that looked suspicious. But one day he didn't keep a good enough eye out and it got him in trouble. So here are the events that lead up to Jesse James criminal career and eventually his death. Jesse James was born on September 5, 1847 to his parents Zerelda and Robert James in Clay County, Missouri. Jesse James had a brother named Franklin James and a sister named Susan James. Jesse’s father left him when he was just a young boy and the mother eventually got remarried with Benjamin Simms. …show more content…

But there wasn't that many people going after him actually because a lot of people actually liked him for what he did and supported him. He is a role model to so many people out there. That's why it was so hard to kill Jesse James. But eventually his luck ran out and Jesse James life took a drastic turn and all the Jesse James fans were devastated. On April 3,1882 Jesse James was assassinated by Robert Ford. He was shot in the back of the head while Jesse James was unarmed. He was just at home doing his usually when he had an intruder and he didn't even know that Robert Ford was in his house and then the next thing he knew he was shot in the back of the head and died. People were furious about this horrible news. But Robert Ford was happy because he gets the money from the bounty on Jesse James's head. But the fans and the family of Jesse James will fire back at Robert Ford. They have just lost their role model and the person that they cared about very much. Know some of these people are going to be sending people out to go kill Ford. People hated him so much that they even wrote a song about him. But eventually Ford was shot in Creede, Colorado on June 8, 1892 by Edward Capehart O’kelley. O’kelley was basically considered a hero and an avenger for Jesse James life. But unfortunately for O’kelley he has to suffer the consequences and …show more content…

Frank had to go through a trial for murder in Missouri and found not guilty, then he was tried for robbery in Alabama and found not guilty, and he was tried for armed robbery in Missouri again and again found not guilty. Since Frank is still a free man he decided to retire from his career and live the remainder of his years in his family's farm. He had a quiet and peaceful life here for a few month but he couldn't stand not having his brother by his side because he has always been by his side basically living their lives together as brothers. But without him he felt so down in his life that he gave himself up in 1915. He ended up dying in his room that he was born in. A lot of people also cared for frank’s life as well he was also a role model for a lot of people because he did exactly what Jesse James did, he helped set up the James gang, and he was Jesse James brother. Frank helped make history with his brothers and people loved him for that and for what he did and when Jesse James died people started to look up to Frank because he was all that was left in the family gang. The James brother meant a lot to

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