Jesus In Mark Chapter 13

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Everyone has their own idea of what God will be like when they finally meet him, but there is a certain persona about him with which everyone agrees. First, he is a loving God. Second, he is an all knowing God. These are character traits that are always attributed to God, but they are also the most troubling things about him. If God is omniscient then why has he given us free will?
In Mark Chapter 13 Jesus states, “But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Jesus is making reference to the end times of the earth, and he makes it clear to the reader that only God knows what is coming. God has always known what lay ahead because he is like the omniscient narrator of our story. He has crafted us in his image and he has planned our lives very carefully. This creates a problem when you begin to think about sin. If God knew all along what was going to happen in our lives, why would he give us the ability to sin? …show more content…

He began to wish that he was the center of attention, or the one that mattered the most. God gave him the ability to think freely, and he trusted that Satan would put God in front of his own desires. This is why God has a love problem. It is not because Satan betrayed him, instead it is because God loves us so deeply that he wants us to have free will and the ability to think and act for ourselves. If God had created us as robots that could only follow his command there would have been no joy in our creation. Instead, God created free willed beings that could do what they pleased, and they chose to betray God's trust and put themselves

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