Jfk Assassination Analysis

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At 11:35 A.M. Air Force One landed. Crowds had gathered at the landing site to show support for Kennedy’s re-election. Although this concerned the secret service the first family was unfazed. Mrs. Kennedy was given a dozen red roses and the first family preceded to shake hands and greet the crowd. At 11:35 the Kennedy’s along with Texas governor, John Connally, and his wife began the half hour drive through Dallas. President Kennedy ordered for the tops of the cars be down and for secret service to stay in the follow up car instead of running besides the Kennedys so that the people could see Jackie. The people spilled into the streets and the driver tried to separate the president from the people putting Jackie against the crowd. Hill ran …show more content…

President Kennedy was rushed to Parkland Hospital. Mrs Kennedy would not let go of her husband 's body because she didn’t want people to see him that way. Lady Bird Johnson records in her audio diary , "...And saw a bundle of pink just like a drift of blossoms lying in the backseat. It was Mrs. Kennedy lying over the President 's body." Mr. Hill took off his coat to cover the president and the rushed him to trauma room one. Dr. Robert McClelland was in trauma room one and says he saw the back half of the right cerebral hemisphere blown out of Kennedy 's head. They checked his for a pulse and didn 't find him. A local priest was called in to give last rights, then Mrs. Kennedy went in. She switched their wedding rings so she had his and he had hers and then kisses his foot which was the only part of him not covered by a sheet. Mrs Johnson asked to see Mrs. Kennedy; "She was quite alone. I don’t think I ever saw anybody so much alone in my life. I went up to her, put my arms around her, and said something like 'God help us ' because my feelings for her were too tumultuous to put into words." Mr. Hii received a call from Kennedy 's brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy asking how his brother was. Hill not wanting to say he was dead said, :Its as bad as it can get." At 1:00 P.M. President John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead. Malcolm Kilduff Deputy Press Secretary went to Vice President Johnson and said," Mr. President, I have to tell the press that John F. Kennedy is dead." He was the first person to call Johnson President. Johnson replied, " Mac, I agree but give me time to get out of the hospital before you do it. We don’t know whether this is a conspiracy or not." Johnson wouldn’t leave without Mrs. Kennedy and she wouldn’t leave without Kennedy 's body so Mrs. And Mr. Johnson went to Air Force One to wait. As they left the hospital Mrs Johnson noticed something: "I looked up at a building and there, already, was a flag at half- mast. I think that was when

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