Jim Crow Laws Essay Thesis

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The white people down in the south, aka the confederate states, were the people who had started the “Jim Crow Laws” because they’re racist and wanted power over the black people. They also made it hard for black people to vote and do things. They weren’t in control of black people but they were bossing them around. Black people also didn’t get enough freedom, as the white people separated them. Blacks got old stuff, whites got new stuff. The Jim Crow Laws are laws made in the south, based on race. It created a “separate but equal” from white people and black people. White people used black people as slaves and now that their “slaves” are equal to them, white people made the Jim Crow Laws so that they will still be more superior to blacks. Water …show more content…

The capital of the confederate states was Montgomery, Alabama. Of course, none of these states got to stay confederate states as the Northern part of America defeated the Confederates. The Jim Crow Laws were passed in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Many of them were enforced until the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Jim Crow Laws were passed in the confederate states in the 19 century. The Jim Crow Laws lasted from 1877-1950s. Jim Crow Laws were stopped in 1964. The Jim Crow Laws spreaded throughout the southern states of America. These laws made white people more superior as I said earlier, Jim Crow Laws were to keep blacks and whites were separated. Whites did not want to be equal to people who were once their slaves. Whites felt the need to stay in their own race while blacks do the same. The blacks however did not feel the same as they wanted all men to be equal. The Jim Crow Laws got its name from a white actor named Thomas Dartmouth “Daddy” Rice, who played as a fictional character named “Jim Crow”. Jim Crow was a dimwitted black slave that was a caricature of a clumsy person. Many people found this as entertainment as Jim Crow aka Rice would sing a song called “Jump Jim

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