Jimi Hendrix Major Accomplishments

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Jimi Hendrix, born as James Marshall Hendrix is honored as one of the most talented guitarist of all time. Despite his mind wandering within a psychedelic realm, and his body being lost in marijuana haze everywhere; Jimi Hendrix was one of the most influential cultural icons of the sixties. Jimi Hendrix struck a global chord throughout his mere four year career, from 1966 to his death in 1970. Much attention was magnified on his profound transformation of guitar-soloing. A musician that never learned to read music redefined the sonic palette of the electric guitar. The genius of his songwriting and his outrageous stage presence were merely the beginning to his eternal legacy. Jimi Hendrix was a visionary who took musical risks and fused rock, …show more content…

These raucous guitar solos developed into Hendrix’s trademark. These vivid sounds emanated the rebellious energy of the sixties. Over the course of his mere four year career he swept audiences in two continents off their feet. Born and raised in Seattle, Hendrix was enveloped in the district characterized for groovy R&B of the “Louie Louie” era. Hendrix first became interested in music after listening to his father (Al Hendrix) old blues and jazz records. After his father returned from the military, he took notice of his passion for music when he saw Jimi Hendrix strumming on a broomstick as though it was a guitar. Al Hendrix than bought Jimi Hendrix his first instrument; a one string ukulele. As an early teen he also became captivated with the pure exhilaration of rock ‘n’ roll and R&B on local radio stations. By the summer of 1958, Al Hendrix bought sixteen year old Jimi Hendrix a five dollar second-hand acoustic guitar. From that sheer moment his career path was definite. Shortly after, Jimi Hendrix joined his first band; The Velvetones. The following summer in 1969, Al Hendrix purchased Jimi Hendrix his first electric guitar known as a Supro Ozark

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