Joann's Model Of Addiction Essay

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Women #1: Joann
1. Based on the models of addiction we have discussed, what models of addiction does she fit into (As you attempt to answer this question, keeping asking yourself “why did she start using” and “what makes her continue to use”?)?
The models of addiction Joann falls under are addictive personality, self-medication, conditioning, and boredom model. For the addictive personality model, Joann fits into this model because she has a psychological vulnerability to Vicodin. She believes that when she uses Vicodin, all of her emotional and physical pain goes away. This is not true. She thinks that this drug is helping her, but it is actually harming her body. Also, for the self-medication model, she says she uses Vicodin numbs her emotional and physical pain. Vicodin is a pain killer, so it relieves pain throughout the body and she says it helps her feel good about herself mentally and physically by allowing her to escape from reality. For the
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What style(s) of communication occurs in this family and why?
The styles of communication used between Laura and her family are blamers and placetor.
Give examples to support your answer.
For example, the blamers style of communication was used when Laura says that her parents know that Ephedrine is killing her, but they don’t care that it is. For the placater communication, Laura’s mother feels bad for her daughter. By Laura’s mother feeling bad for her, it allows there to be some form of peace to the family. The mother wants there to be less fighting going on between Laura and her father.
8. What stage of recovery is this family in and why? Laura and her family’s stage of recovery is depression and denial. The addict is in the recovery stage of depression. She realizes that she has a problem and has a feeling associated to her issue. As far as denial, her parents feel that Laura’s Ephedrine addiction cannot be happening. They can’t and don't want to believe that this is happening to their
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