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Along the North and South Carolina border is the Whitewater Falls Chain-six different waterfalls that are just one attraction in a unique part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. One writer of this wilderness area described it as a blue wall. For about 70 miles there is what 's called an escarpment. This is shear rock face lining deep gorges. The gorges are deep ravines that were created by the rushing waters. This area is called the Jocacee Gorges. For centuries, these pristine woodlands and waterways have been a source of sustenance to the local people, and wildlife, a source of inspiration to writers, dreamers and poets, and a source of recreation and relaxation to thousands of hikers, campers and explorers. The executive director of the South Carolina …show more content…

The mill is open for tours and corn-grinding demonstrations on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Stone ground cornmeal and grits are always available. Laurel Fork Falls makes a spectacular 80-foot drop directly into Lake Jocacee and is best viewed from the lake. However, the falls can be viewed from either Lake Jocacee or from the Foothills Trail. From land: a 5-6 hour 8.1 mile hike over difficult terrain will require an overnight stay. The Pickens Country Club is a classic old-style golf course that offers lots of challenges, especially on holes #2 and #16, both par 4 's, that require accuracy to hit to greens. The Pickens County Museum of Art and History is housed in the old Pickens County "Gaol" (jail). This wonderful example of turn-of-the-century architecture is constructed of hand-rolled bricks and has a distinctive crenellated turret and copper-colored tin roof. The Rock at Jocacee is a notable golf course of rolling terrain featuring a sliding rock waterfall. Walking allowed after 1pm on weekends. Twin Falls, one of the spectacular waterfalls to see is also known as Reedy Cove Falls, Rock Falls, or Eastatoe Falls. For camping facilities there are many choices in the large area. Numerous state parks in the surroundings have RV camping …show more content…

Tips to make it a successfully trip1. build your kids enthusiasm- get them involved in packing and planning like choosing where to go, what to eat, ect. 2. pick actives for during the trip your kids enjoy such as biking, swimming, hiking, watching nature ect and plan to stay somewhere that you can do these things. 3. practice setting up the tent before you leave the house. Have the kids help and then allow them to play pretend camp in it for a little while. Maybe a sleep over in the yard for new campers. 4. make and use a check list of items you want to bring and only check them off once they are inside of the car. That way nothing like you child 's favorite blanket or stuffed toy gets left behind. 5. always pack flash lights preferably one for each family member. And don 't forget batteries. 6. make a kid friendly easy menu. Don 't get carried away and make things hard on yourself or your kids by trying lots of new recipes. Stick with favorites like hot dogs, bagels and peanut butter, apples, bananas, canned soup, corn on the cob, and most importantly don 't forget the s 'mores. Also if you have a baby pack its food it baby food jars. This will be easier for everyone. 7. bring snacks. Trail mix, cereal bars, string cheese, dried food are great for snaking on when camping. Something about the outdoors makes people hungry. 8. bring a first aid kit along with bug repellent, sunscreen and stuff to treat the possibly poison ivy out break. 9. bring items to clean up

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