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Joe Louis Joe Louis was a heavyweight boxer and he holds the record for most light heavyweight title defends. He defended his title 25 times. Louis then went into the military and became a Sargent in the US military. He served for four years in the army. Then he decided to make his living as a casino host in Las Vegas, Nevada. Later he died in 1981. He was 6-foot-1 ½ inches tall and 197-pound.
Joe Louis “Barrow” was born on May 13, 1914. His father was a cotton picker from Alabama and his family fought with poverty for most of his childhood. His family moved to Detroit in 1924, at which point Joe first became involved in boxing. His early career was a period of hard work and determination. Ten years after his arrival in Detroit, Louis won the Golden Gloves as a light heavyweight. Following this win, Louis turned professional and won twelve matches within the first year. The first few years of Louis' pro career involved a steady ascension up the pyramid of the Heavyweight class. His boxing prowess, as well as his reputation, was growing at an incredible rate. In June of 1935, he fought Primo Carnera, the former heavyweight champion, before a Yankee Stadium crowd of 62,000. Louis followed this fight with a pairing against Max Baer, who he defeated by knockout in the fourth round. …show more content…

Louis was forced back into the ring. In 1950, he attempted to recapture his title in a bout against Ezzard Charles. However, in a point’s decision, Louis was handed a loss. Not ready to accept defeat, he again tried his hand in 1951 against Rocky Marciano. During this unsuccessful return to the ring, Marciano knocked Louis through the ropes in the eighth round. This was Joe Louis' final time in the ring. He had earned $5 million in his illustrious boxing career. However, at 37, Joe Louis had not a single cent to show for it. To support himself, Louis decided to make a living as a Las Vegas casino

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