John Colter And Tom Murphy Argumentative Essay

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I'm going to be talking about John Colter and Tom Murphy's disadvantages and advantages when they were out exploring. And how hard it must have been on both of them to go out in the freezing cold, by themselves. They had to take care of themselves. It was a cold night up in Yellow Stone, when John Colter was walking around out there all by himself in the freezing cold, he even had to build his own shelter which was probably hard, so when John Colter finally had found such a good spot to put his shelter. He started building it he had a tarp and he said you have to tie the knights not too tight because it's cold out and you don’t want to sit there trying to untie knots but you have to tie it to a sturdy tree branch or a big stick that has fallen from a tree. You would have to have a heated blanket and then maybe try to find a heated sleeping bag that would keep you kind of warm while you were sleeping. It must have been pretty rough on them especially if there was a storm. John Colter had to try to survive in the freezing cold, and …show more content…

He would have time to do any work he has to do, he can explore and not get distracted by other people. He could get pictures of some animals if he didn’t scare them off because it other people were with him they could distract him. He got to learn some more life skills when he was by himself, and he learned how to make his own shelter and he got to explore by himself so he got to learn a lot of new stuff by being by himself. He would have to have a lot of life skills if he wanted to survive in Yellow Stone Park. He might get to see a white bear or some other wild animal, but if he did have someone with him the animal might get too scared to just stand there. John Colter and Tom Murphy was different because they both used different materials to go exploring, it was probably harder on one of them and not the other

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