Wyoming Essays

  • The Struggle Between Men And Women In The Handmaid's Tale

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    Imagine living in a world where roles are given, freedom is taken, and you must abide to the rules unjust to everyone. Would you fight back, or reluctantly follow these oppressive rules? Offred is an independent and emotional woman who is forced into labor. In the novel The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, women are forced into certain labor based on their fertility and status in this new society. Both men and women have become oppressed for the sake of the country. Offred is a handmaid given

  • The Oregon Trail Book Report

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    describes the journey that the author (Francis Parkman) took across The Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail is a route to the Northwest that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon. It crossed through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. There was originally a lot more to this book, but the author had to take some of the information out because it was too rough for the public to read. Francis Parkman who is the author of “The Oregon Trail” is a historian that

  • Grand Teton National Park Research Paper

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    Located in the beautiful state of Wyoming, the Grand Teton mountain is the tallest peak of the Teton Range. Touching the sky at 13,775 feet, the Grand Teton is only half the height of Mount Everest but still possesses the power to take your breath away. Day 1 - Snake River Rafting My first day in visiting Grand Teton National Park will be a day of great relaxation. I figured that after all my traveling, a restful trip down the Snake River would do me good. During the ten mile rafting tour I plan

  • What Is John Muir's Interpretation Of Time?

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    When thinking about time one many have different interpretation on what time is. One may say time is just a clock, others may say time is forever. In this paper we will talk about four different essays and how their authors interpret on what time is. One of the authors named Henry David Thoreau used a pond to describe how he views time. Aldo Leopold decided to write about how he understood about time and life by using a mountain as an example. John Muir wrote how it takes years for trees to grow

  • The White Tiger Short Story

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    The White Tiger Soft, quiet footsteps is all that was to be heard at the heart of the jungle as a man quietly walked between rotten branches from the ancient trees. His bow was raised, ready to fire. He was somewhat of a wind, once there now gone, going its own direction. The wind was blowing his way which made this day perfect for hunting. The morning was cold but the sun was already shining. The birds sang their morning song. He was so camouflaged that all that can be seen is the gleaming, sharp

  • Hidatsa Tribe Essay

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    In the 1600’s part of the tribe had split off from the Hidatsa and began their move, and later on in history they were known as the Crow. (2) The Crow Indian Reservation is in southeastern Montana. Crow Indians are a tribe of the northern Great Plains of the United States. The name Crow comes from the translation of the tribe’s name itself, Apsáalooke, which means children of the long-beaked bird or bird people. Their tribe name is also spelled Apsáalooke The Crow Indians had been part of the Hidatsa

  • John Colter And Tom Murphy Argumentative Essay

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    I'm going to be talking about John Colter and Tom Murphy's disadvantages and advantages when they were out exploring. And how hard it must have been on both of them to go out in the freezing cold, by themselves. They had to take care of themselves. It was a cold night up in Yellow Stone, when John Colter was walking around out there all by himself in the freezing cold, he even had to build his own shelter which was probably hard, so when John Colter finally had found such a good spot to put his

  • How Did The Railroad Affect Westward Expansion

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    The establishment and growth of the railroad had many influences on the Westward Expansion of America in the later half of the 1800’s. The railroad fueled the conflict with the Native Americans of the Plains, induced growth in population and economy in previously established urban areas, and lastly expanded the lands that were used for agriculture. The railroad affected various aspects of America’s West and the Great Plains. The advancement of the railroad West added to the already tense relationship

  • Why Did Humans Survive The Ice Age Essay

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    Ashraf 1 Alia Ashraf Mrs. Nahla Amin English 18 February 2016 How did humans survive the ice age? Ice ages are long periods of time in which Earth is covered with thick ice sheets called glaciers. This period can stay for thousands or millions of years. The oceans and seas are frozen and the temperature is cooled. Also many sources of fresh water were locked behind those ice sheets. The most recent

  • Buffalo Bill And Annie Oakley Analysis

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    Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley America was a new world. The new territory in America was the West. With their manifest destiny the Americans believed it was their destiny to colonize the west. There were few ways you could feel and understand the culture and spirit of the Wild West. The Buffalo Bill Wild West show gave you just that experience. With skills and inspirations from their early lives, Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill Cody impacted culture by giving a life like representation of the wild

  • The Laramie Project

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    What is community-based art (CBA)? Surely it would be absurd if “community” nor “art” were related to it; this is not what I am asking. This question is deeper and more significant: what does CBA entail, and how can humans spot it? The answer: humans cannot spot community-based art, and humans cannot comprehend the complexity of it. Even The Laramie Project, a play that seemingly speaks for a community and is seemingly art-- superficially reaching the requirements needed to exist as CBA-- may never

  • Personal Narrative-It's Time To Stay In Wyoming

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    Wyoming Last spring I went on a vacation of a lifetime. I went on a two month stay in alpine wyoming. I flew out of grand rapids to denver colorado or as a joke we called it color a du.It was a eight hour flight to Idaho falls, Idaho. I love flying but I can 't stand long long flights.When i got out of the plane I saw that I was in a tiny airport that didn 't even have a ACT, which is an aircraft control tower. This tower controls all radio and all maintenance for the runway. When I got my bearings

  • Wyoming Stock Growers Association: Case Study

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    members from the city of Cheyenne, elected by the association and serve for one year. Resolution 2) The executive committee had entire control of inspectors and the association during their tenure. They also represented the association before the Wyoming Territorial Legislator. Resolution 3) The Chairman of the committee at each annual meeting would make a report and deliver it through the secretary to the committee with any information that was pertinent to the association. Resolution 4 To have

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Jackson Hole Wyoming

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    vacation that I was very excited for was my trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming. This was one of the most anticipated vacations I had, we were going to stay for a week from Christmas to New Year’s eve. My family and I really enjoy skiing and when the chance to go on this trip happened, I remember begging my dad for us to go with my cousins. It was going to be the greatest trip that I would ever experience in my life. To arrive in Wyoming, we would have to fly from JFK to Salt Lake city, Utah. Salt lake

  • Bighorn Rams

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    over one location example, Wyoming, one tree example and two animal examples, the codfish and bighorn ram. I will first start with the state of Wyoming. Carroll starts by uses Wyoming and the fossils found on the site to make his theory that the “fittest” is only conditional. Wyoming is a droughty state where the climate makes water evaporate fast. Today it is hard to imagine that Wyoming was once a tropical forest. One discovers is the variety of fossils found in Wyoming that includes fishes and turtles

  • Essay On Women's Suffrage Movement

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    Women's suffrage was a huge change in history. This movement began nearly one hundred years before it was actually passed! Women wanted this movement to begin because they had figured out that they were not listened to, and wouldn’t be listened to, unless they were allowed to have the right to vote. Another reason women wanted this movement to pass, was because they felt very left out and very low compared to other people, after all, Black and Chinese people could vote before women could. There

  • Matthew Shepard Essay

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    book takes place in the drive-through town of Laramie, Wyoming in 1998. The members of the Tectonic Theater Project investigate and conduct over two hundred interviews in order to get more first-hand information about the murder. The author uses literary elements to discuss political and social issues when interviewing Jedadiah Schultz, Marge Murray, and when someone sent an email to Philip Dubois, the President of the University of Wyoming. Social issues are first discussed when interviewing Jedadiah

  • Case Study: The Mystic Monk Coffee Q.

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    Father Daniel Mary left Minnesota and founded the Wyoming Carmelite in Clark, Wyoming. Father Daniel Mary had a vision of creating a new Mount Carmel with extending the accommodations from 13 monks to 30 monks living on a 500-acre ranch. After having over 500 inquires of young men asking to join the Carmelites, a larger monastery was needed. The monks wanted to buy the 500-acre ranch but did not have all the money for the listing price of $8.9 million. The Mystic Monk Coffee was developed because

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Rights

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    ultimately defeat the goal of allowing each state to create laws based on their culture, and would most likely become a federal law, limiting the right of some. Being born and raised in Wyoming, I see no issues with all citizens having the right to bear arms. For most citizens, the purpose of gun ownership in Wyoming is hunting related sport, along with

  • The Electoral College Vote

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    i.e. California has over 65 times the population of Wyoming, but only 18 times the representation in the Electoral College. Take this ratio between electors, the state population and compare the relative influence of one voter in one state to a voter in a different state with a different population and the number of electors. When Measured this way, a voter in Wyoming has four times more influence on the electoral college vote than any voter in Texas. Thus.