John F Kennedy Biography

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John F. Kennedy's brothers said ¨when we were growing up together we used to laugh about the great risk a mosquito took in biting Jack Kennedy with some of his blood the mosquito.¨ this is about John F. Kennedy's early life,time in the navy and presidency has shaped our country.
John F. Kennedy had a big family his mom's name was Rose Fitzgerald she was a very organized woman.she also had nine kids 5 Girls 4 boys including John F Kennedy. His dad's name was Joseph Patrick Kennedy he was really scared for his son jack that would he would sadly pass away so he was by his bedside every day but the good thing is he didn't pass away. And his dad was a very successful businessman. If he was not as successful businessman it would have ended terribly …show more content…

Kennedy had Five Sisters and three brothers altogether there were nine and that's including him he usually got along with his siblings which is a good thing for Mom and Dad so they don't have to deal with fights.(Life of John F. Kennedy)
John F. Kennedy went to school at coate school and then went to harvard. Harvard was located in cambridge MA and choate was located in new york bronxville. He did good in school he had to since he went to harvard jack went to the same schools as John F. Kennedy.(Life of John F. Kennedy)

John F. kennedy was in the navy and he was stationed between the solomon islands in the pacific ocean.A task that he had to do was to drive the boat. The terrible thing is that sadly the ship sank only 11 survived. When he tried to get into the navy he could not because of his back he went to physical therapy for his back and then got into the navy. Sadly his brother jack died in combat, John F. kennedy was devastated about his brother jack died in combat. They were very close to jack.he was close to the others but he was closer to jack.(John F. Kennedy)
John F. kennedy he got 2 awards and the first one was a purple heart.the last one was navy and marine corps medal and that is the highest non-combat award of heroism. he deserved the navy and marine corps medal because he lead the men to safety (John F.

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