John F Kennedy Ethos Pathos Logos

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Everyday , the careless choices made by higher powers affect the lives of their subordinates. In a conference held by John F Kennedy in 1962, this United States President argued that the US steel companies hiking prices was unfair and unnecessary when the United States condition, and the economic condition of steel companies were juxtaposed. Commencing with harsh accusations, Kennedy uses logos and pathos to condemn steel companies for victimizing the public. Kennedy begins his speech by utilizing blunt accusations, repetition, and appealing to a sense of sacrifice and consequence. Kennedy shames these corporations for hiking up prices when the national economy is focused on rebuilding itself. Kennedy states that at a time when the American people are trying to rebuild their economy and recover from national sacrifice, the steel companies have an even greater motive to keep these prices manageable. This example clarifies that this is a terrible and unfair time for steel companies to raise prices, while the rest of the nation is trying to rebuild after difficult times. In this line, Kennedy is utilizing pathos to …show more content…

Kennedy persists that over the next year, costs of labor and resources are expected to decrease to such an extent that price hikes are not only unnecessary but cruel to the victimized public. This passage of the speech uses logos, or appealing to logic, by illustrating that if steel companies are doing well and the American people are doing poorly, then the steel companies raising their prices despite this is simply greedy. Kennedy’s use of logos and statistics in reference to the economic state of steel companies persuade the audience that steel companies are disregarding the national condition in favor of their own

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