Lakota Military Power

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"We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth."(Sydney Schanberg) America has the biggest Military compared to the whole world. This type of Military size has granted America, the world superpower, nickname. It has cost us, taxpayers, billions of dollars out of your pockets; this is leaving only 1% of US citizens own almost the wealth of America. Our own government has given contracts to corporations in the Military complex. Corporations make billions of dollars while paying foreign workers a low amount close to nothing. Corporate power has become out of control. Their power to change laws and regulations has given them access like it never had before. Corporate…show more content…
We used military power to take this land from the Native Americans. We are all immigrants from another country who got greedy for land. Many tribes lost their land to white people. "The Lakota are one of many tribes that were moved off their land to prisoner of war camps now called reservations. The Pine Ridge Reservation, the subject of today 's slideshow, is located about 75 miles southeast of the Black Hills in South Dakota. It is sometimes referred to as Prisoner of War Camp Number 334, and it is where the Lakota now live. Now, if any of you have ever heard of AIM, the American Indian Movement, or of Russell Means, or Leonard Peltier, or of the stand-off at Oglala, then you know that Pine Ridge is ground zero for Native issues in the U.S."(Native) In 1851, The first treaty of Fort Laramie was signed that clearly marked the boundaries of the Lakota Nation, the US had recognized the land as not their. The expansion of the corporate power in form of the transcontinental railroad was starting, the treaties were ignored to create rails in Lakota land. The Native Americans responded and defended the US. "1868: The second Fort Laramie Treaty clearly guarantees the sovereignty of the Great Sioux Nation and the Lakotas ' ownership of the sacred Black Hills. The government also promises land and hunting rights in the surrounding states. We promise that the Powder River country will henceforth be closed to…show more content…
Corporations are not just hurting people here in the United States, but around the world. American corporations are located in many foreign countries where laws and regulations are not strict on labor as in the US. The prices they sell their product is high compared to what they pay the worker who made it. "The Director of the National Labor Committee explains how big corporations exploit poor workers in the Third World. He gives the example of a t-shirt that costs $14.99—the workers received $0.03 an hour for their work. For the Liz Clairborne jacket made in El Salvador that costs$178.00, the workers were paid $0.74 for each jacket. Alpine car stereos—the workers were paid $0.31 an hour. It’s not just sneakers—it’s everything."(CorporationMovie) Wal-Mart was selling Kathy Lee Gifford cloth promoting with every purchase they were helping children. The National Labor Committee found out the cloth was being made by 13-year-old girls in Honduras. It was ironic how they were supposed to help them, but in reality they were the reason for their suffering. Corporations have been involved in many wars. They were not just supplying our nation with products, but also our enemies. "IBM—a company where "if your customer needs help, you jump," according to Irving Wladawsky-Berger, vice president, technology and strategy—jumped when Hitler sought its technical assistance in running the Nazi extermination and slave-labor programs. IBM provided the Nazis with Hollerith tabulation

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