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John Green is recognized to be one of the most profound authors ever to have existed. Like most children, John Green experienced isolation and bullying in his childhood years, but that didn’t stop him from performing well in school and receiving a higher education. Spending majority of his time tending to children in critical condition inspired him to write and eventually astonish the world. He has written many popular stories with the publishing of Looking for Alaska being his debut in the year of 2005 and The Fault in Our Stars (2012) being the most extraordinary of them all, making him a bestselling author. John Green has found his-self in the lives and homes of all ages unveiling to the reader what it …show more content…

The Fault in Our Stars was a New York Times bestseller in 2012. It took place in Indianapolis with the leading character being Hazel Grace, who was diagnosed with lung cancer. She attends a cancer support group where they meet every day in “the heart of Jesus”. While attending the support group, Hazel meets Augustus Waters. Augustus in a previous time suffered from osteosarcoma, which lead to him getting an amputated leg. The pair was on a wild roller coaster ride of mixed emotion, while trying to find Hazel Grace favorite author Van Houten, who wrote An Imperial Affliction, in Amsterdam. Their adventure ended with the passing of Augustus Waters. Green took his experience from tending to critically ill children in his earlier life and wrote The Fault in Our Stars. Celebrities like Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort portrayed the leading characters and brought the powerful and tragic love story to life. Since the producing of the movie Shailene Woodley said that she has (“a deeper sense of gratitude for life”). Although John Green was nervous about the filming of The Fault in Our Stars because he wanted every aspect of the movie to be portrayed perfectly, many celebrities, fans, and critics came together in awe to applaud the very first of his motion pictures with uplifting comments. USA Today critics commented saying, (“The movie was well-written, well-acted, acerbic, funny and wisely observed”). The Fault in Our Stars was nominated for

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