The Fault In Our Stars Comparative Essay

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Striving to survive
Having a purpose in life whether it is being loved or trying to make an impact on the universe, it can make a big difference how one deals with the setback. In John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars it is shown that the main character’s change dramatically in respect to their attitudes, especially Hazel Grace, when their lives encounter love. Similarly, Stephen Hawkings finds love before his confrontation with his disease ALS and it is love which allows him to fight for his future. Both Hazel Grace and Stephen Hawkings share parental/sibling connections, peer groups support, and romantic love which is essential when overcoming adversity to succeed in life. Through these various support systems; both the novel and the real life example …show more content…

Hazel Grace and Stephen Hawkings have the support of both their parent’s through their diagnosis. Hazel has a strong relationship with her parent’s as they help her overcome challenges and give her a great deal of support. The following quotation shows “I went to support Group for the same reason that I’d once allowed nurses with a mere eighteen months of graduate education to poison me with exotically named chemicals; I wanted to make my parents happy” (Green 28). This shows Hazel’s dedication and desire to please her parent’s which is a representation of their close relationship. Hawking’s protective mother, Isobel, support him through his diagnosis and other problems occurring in his life when it comes down to his family. When Stephen’s family came to his parent’s home for brunch, Stephen and Jane bring their newborn child and friend Jonathan Jones who helps Jane with taking care of their children and Stephen himself who needs extra care as he is happy to give it. However, Isobel sees Jones extend his kindness towards Jane, where she accuses Jonathan and Jane of having an affair (The Theory of Everything). Isobel as a mother wants

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